DC Alumnus Interns in Washington DC

DC Alumnus Interns in Washington DC

Alec Sears, a 2015 alumnus, was one of twelve applicants from across the country selected to serve as an intern in Washington DC by the Leadership Institute (a conservative non-profit organization) starting this week and running through December.

Interns at the Leadership Institute work on projects of high responsibility in one of the Leadership Institute’s departments such as Grassroots, International Training, Campus Reform, Technology, Communications, and more. (Sears will be involved in International Training.) In addition to a full workload, interns receive personal mentoring, host conservative leaders at private dinners, take tours of the White House and Capitol Hill, and have access to LI training and weekly book discussions.

Sears, who postponed this fall semester at Wright State University in order to take part in the LI internship, is currently majoring in computer science and political science. His interest in law and politics began in elementary school and was really jump-started last year when he attended Forge Leadership Summit, a leadership training organization co-founded by former DC teacher Adam Josefczyk.

“You can’t really do much in conservative politics without having some contact with the Leadership Institute. They are one of the main driving forces behind the young conservative movement,” said Sears. “But it is Adam Josefczyk’s fault I am so invested in politics now.  I first met  Adam at Dayton Christian. I never had him as a teacher, but I was lucky enough to go as a freshman on the Washington DC trip he created.”

Since then, Sears has attended all three summits hosted by Forge Leadership, including a trip to Israel this past summer. And the eventual connections he made through Forge helped him land this internship, which will definitely enhance his resume in conservative circles. 

“My future plans are to get as much experience in the political field as I can while trying to finish up my college education. Long term, I would like to be a press secretary for a candidate or organization.”

Currently, Sears is the Communications Director for LoneConservative.com and the founder of Turning Point USA on the Wright State University campus.