DCHS Junior Ranks Seventh in the World at Horse Show

DCHS Junior Ranks Seventh in the World at Horse Show

For most of us, a Saturday morning is an excuse to sleep in or to cross some errands off a “To Do” list, but for Dayton Christian High School junior Grace Porter, this past Saturday was a much bigger day than that. It was the day she placed seventh in the world at the American Saddlebred Association World Championship Horse Show, known as the world’s richest and most prestigious horse show.

Porter and her horse Chi Tunes (also known as “Mack”) competed in the Country Pleasure Riding Junior Exhibitor Division where they finished fifth in qualifying on August 22 and then finished seventh overall in the championship on August 26 in Louisville, Kentucky.

“It’s a tough competition,” said Porter. “Your horse really can’t take even one step out of place.”

Porter, who has been riding since she was seven years old, explained that she had to ride her horse at a walk, a trot, and a canter and then halt, turn, and do the same maneuvers in the opposite direction.

In order to qualify for the world competition, Porter had to place first, second, or third in at least three different American Saddlebred Shows before July 1. 

Porter trains at Stillwater Valley Farm in Springboro where she finds the effort of working with Mack relaxing.

“I feel like you can really connect with horses. They know, for example, when you’re in a good mood or a bad mood, and they will try to make you feel better. They are really gentle giants. In fact, my mom calls her time in the barn her ‘horse therapy,’ and I would definitely agree with that.”