In Their Own Words: My First Week Back Was…

In Their Own Words: My First Week Back Was…

As a writer, you’re always told to go directly to the source to get your information, so that’s exactly what I did today. I interviewed a number of our students to get their feedback about the first week of school. So far, it seems like everyone is giving the first week back very high marks!

Preschooler Avery said that the first week has been very fun.

She especially likes playing outside in the playhouse with her friends. 




Fourth grade teacher Miss Lewis says the best thing about the first week is getting to know her new students! 





Fallon, Alivia, and Lauren say the best thing about the first week of school is just being back at school, being with your friends again, and having lunch together. 




Seventh graders Julia and Raegan like the independence of being in seventh grade and being able to move from class together without teacher supervision. They are growing up! 




Caleb, Aidan, and John say the first week has been pretty good. They are glad to be back together with their friends — and they’re glad to get back to recess! 





Kyle has made the transition from junior high to high school this year. “The best thing about my first week,” he says, “is all of my classes! I really like all my new teachers. I appreciate the challenge because I I will be ready for whatever comes my way in life.”





And for our new Head of School, Dr. Gredy? “The best part of the first week was the he positive spirit  and enthusiasm that was so apparent among the DC family!”