Colton Dixon, CCM Magazine, and Ms. Lewis’s Fourth Grade Class

Colton Dixon, CCM Magazine, and Ms. Lewis’s Fourth Grade Class

For Ms. Natalie Lewis, a DCES fourth grade teacher, her love of Christian music serves as an inspiration not only to organize and decorate her classroom but also to draw her students closer to God. Because she is so involved in the modern Christian music scene and often works at local concerts, she has been able to use her connections to contact Christian artists. Last year, Brandon Heath visited her students. This year, Colton Dixon made contact with her class in a mutually impactful way.

It all started when Lewis taught her students how to write a friendly letter. In order to give them an opportunity to practice their new skill, she encouraged them to write a letter to various Christian artists. Through a long and complicated process, several of the students’ letters ended up in Dixon’s hands.

Shortly after that, she received a photo from Dixon’s drummer showing Dixon holding the letters. Following that, she received a package from Dixon with an 8 x 10 autographed photo for each student who wrote to him, each with a personal response directly related to what each of them wrote in their letters.

That’s when the story gets even more interesting. A friend of Lewis’s called her to tell her to read an interview with Dixon in the April 1 edition of CCM Magazine.

Here is one of the interview questions:
CCM: Any other scriptures that are particularly resonating with you right now?
CD: 2 John 1:9. It talks about us as creative beings, but being careful not to go out ahead of the will of God. That hit me square in the face. When you’re in an industry where people encourage you to be as creative as you possibly can be, it’s easy to come up with an idea and start running with it before you pray or ask God, “Is this the best thing for me right now?” I just think it’s so important that everything is God-breathed and God-initiated. A lot of things are, but man, you can work for something that maybe God has for you, but it might not be the right time. You might have a different experience if you had waited on God’s timing.

The coolest story behind that is there’s a 4th grade teacher that comes to a lot of shows. She had her students write a bunch of notes for me and a few other artists. One of her students said, “Hey, I really like this song because of this reason, and that song because of that reason…” Very sharp kid, then at the end of it he wrote, “I read this verse and thought it would mean a lot to you,” and it was 2 John 1:9. I was like, “What in the world?” This kid is just mature beyond his years. I love that God can use anyone He wants. It doesn’t matter the age, the gender, the race or whatever. I just love that.”

The fourth grade teacher he mentions is, of course, Natalie Lewis, and the student is Ryan M.

“Ryan M. had written for Colton to check out 2 John 1:9,” said Lewis. “When I looked it up, I thought it was an interesting verse to have him look up…but I guess that is what Colton needed to read! When I read what Colton said, I was so excited that God was able to use one of my students to encourage Colton Dixon! How cool is that?!?!”

“I love being able to use Christian music in my classroom! I like being able to teach my students that songs have meaning. I use songs as devotional thoughts. I love hearing how my students have been going home and telling their parents what different songs mean when they hear them! I love that God has been using music to impact my students’ lives for Him!”