Fine Arts Awards Recognize Student Achievement

Fine Arts Awards Recognize Student Achievement

Tuesday, May 2, was the annual Fine Arts Awards for Dayton Christian High School. The evening’s highlights included the senior awards and scholarships as well as recognition for superior achievement for all grades ninth through twelfth in all areas of the fine arts.


Each year, the Fine Arts Department recognizes four seniors for their contributions to the fine arts at DCHS. Jenna Norvell received the Bezalel Award for art. Clara Brown received the Asaph Award for outstanding musicianship. Deborah Grove was honored with the Nehemiah Award for Outstanding Technical Support and the Ezekiel Award for Outstanding Achievement in Drama went to Colin Hurst.

The John Phillip Sousa Award for excellence in band (a national award) went to Kwangeon Kim

Each year the Dayton Christian School Fine Arts Boosters presents scholarships to seniors with outstanding achievement in the fine arts and applied arts. This year’s winners were Vanessa Gray and Alexis VanFleet for the fine arts scholarship. Morgan Orme received the applied arts scholarship.

The National School Choral Award is the highest award for high school choral performers. Each high school in the nation selects the winner from their school through teacher recommendations and a vote by their peers. This year’s award was presented to Grace Watkins.

 The rest of the award for visual arts, band, chorus, and drama are as follows:


Outstanding Freshman Achievement in Visual Arts: Isabel Suber

Outstanding Sophomore Achievement in Visual Arts: Isabel Gaston

Outstanding Junior Achievement in Visual Arts: Maria Herman

Outstanding Senior Achievement in Visual Arts: Alexis VanFleet

The Four-Year Art Award for students who participated in the fine arts all four years at Dayton Christian High School were given to Clara Brown, Mark Cox, Arianna Foreman, Jenni Gayda, Adayja Kelly, Morgan Orme, Jenna Novell, Lizzie Rahn, and Alexis VanFleet.

Theatre Class/Speech Meet:

Most Improved: Emma Boys, Connor Pells

Certificate of Merit for Superior Achievement: Isabelle Douglas


Outstanding Freshman Instrumentalist: Sierra May

Outstanding Sophomore Instrumentalist: Joey Daniels

Outstanding Junior Instrumentalist: Jaewook Lee

Outstanding Senior Instrumentalist: Natalie Carter

Four-Year Band Award: Clara Brown, Natalie Carter, Kwangeon Kim, Emma Kerns, Jaymen McDonald, Marin Reis, Caitlin Spratt, Sarah Beth Stroh, Bailey Teater, Robby Williamitis

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Outstanding Freshman Vocalist: Mitchell DeBusk

Outstanding Sophomore Vocalist: Nicole Keenan

Outstanding Junior Vocalist: Maria Herman

Outstanding Senior Vocalist: Colin Hurst

Four-Year Choral Award: Vanessa Gray, Colin Hurst, Taylor Marshall, Grace Watkins, Brianna White


Outstanding Dramatic Performance: Maria Herman, Max Johnson, Josh Tesmer, Vanessa Gray, Grace Watkins

Four-Year Drama Award: Clara Brown, Vanessa Gray, Deborah Grove, Colin Hurst, Emma Kerns, Grace Watkins, Solomon West

Congratulations to all our Fine Arts Warriors!