Warrior Day Launches Capital Campaign

Warrior Day Launches Capital Campaign

Purple hair? Gold leggings? We saw it all as each of our students, from our preschoolers to our seniors, donned their purple and gold in support of Warrior Day on Monday, February 28. The day was set aside to launch the capital campaign for the Warrior Center and included a balloon launch, a press conference, and an evening prayer and worship service.

“This is a long awaited project — it’s going to meet a lot of needs,” said Dr. John Gredy, Director of Development at Dayton Christian School.  “It will provide physical education space, general assembly space, as well as making it possible to bring the Warriors home to play their interscholastic sports competitions here in our gymnasium.”

cc5The same day the capital campaign – Building for the Future – was launched, the school also began a 40-day spiritual journey. Gredy asked the DCS family to pray for hope throughout the DC community, a willingness to hear God’s heart for generous, sacrificial giving, and a strengthening of the school’s community and spirit.

DC officials hope to bring in 60-percent of the financing in the forty-day campaign, or about $6 million. The program had already raised $1.7 million before Monday’s public announcement.

To learn more, read the Warrior Center webpage.