High School Teams Serve on Mission Trips

High School Teams Serve on Mission Trips

Sixty-six Dayton Christian High School students took part in a mission trip this J-term to serve and bring the gospel to others.


Mrs. Boys, Miss Sharp and nine DCHS students participated in the mission trip to the small town of Juan Tomás in the Dominican Republic where they shared the gospel, cleaned, made repairs, and did construction work at the local school and a home in the area.

DR5“Our students lived out their faith by sharing Christ in word and in deed,” said Mrs. Boys.  “We brought food to a local widow whose family could only afford to eat every other day. We worked for another local widow who had been praying for God to supply repairs to her roof and siding, which were leaking and rotten. We helped the teachers of the Christian school by helping to do cleanup and maintenance projects around their campus, and we served public school students by bringing gospel-focused activities to their classroom.”

“Many quality relationships were developed over J-term, many projects were accomplished, and at least one Dominican senior has since prayed to receive Christ as Savior.  We rejoice!”

Senior Kristin Carnegis, a three-year veteran of the DR trip, confirms that serving on a missions trip is a worthwhile experience.

“I’ve learned so much,” said Carnegis. “I learned what service truly means, how to live in another culture, and, most importantly, what it means to show Christ through your actions.”


jAMAICA3Mrs. Moore and fifteen students traveled to Mandeville, Jamaica to work at the Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf.  In the afternoons, they hosted a Bible club for the younger students, and in the evenings, they held chapel with the older students. They also worked on projects around the school campus (trash pickup, painting, cementing, cleaning out a woodshed, etc.).

“I was so proud of them!” said Mrs. Moore. “They showed great team unity and were outspoken with the students about their faith. The kids work hard, played hard, and returned exhausted from their week of ministry!”

“The entire trip was amazing,” said junior Abrionne Pope. “These people were really impoverished, yet they were so grateful for even the smallest things. I loved playing soccer with the kids… It was amazing how I could bond with people in such a short amount of time. I definitely would do it all over again.”


Although they did not leave the area, Mr. Malmstrom, Mr. Bilunka, and forty-two DCHS students committed themselves to serve near campus through the Urban Missions class.  They folded clothes, handed out lunches, packed and sorted medical supplies, cleaned, fellowshipped, shoveled sidewalks, took down Christmas lights, and much more in ministries near Middletown, Springfield, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Dayton.

Urban Missions 4“I was proud of the students for their hard work and perseverance,” said Mr. Malmstrom.  “Many stereotypes about poverty, homelessness, and inner city crime were broken down as the students got to participate in some service that was a little outside of their comfort zones.  Many great conversations and teaching moments came from our two weeks together.”