Wayfinding: Why We Do What We Do

Wayfinding: Why We Do What We Do

What am I here for? What am I spending my life for?

These were questions that a former teacher of mine wrote in a letter from Papua, New Guinea where she and her husband have been missionaries for over the past fifteen years. She went on to talk about the hardships in a land far away from the comforts of the United States. But she quickly started to share about the Dom people she and her husband, Aaron, are reaching for Christ. She talks about the ten children in her kindergarten class. She concludes with the eighteen people who are reading the Bible for the first time. She ends with three questions. What are our lives worth? Is it worth it? What are you giving your life for?

As I read this, I could not help but think of the ministry of Dayton Christian School. As I look back, I ask, “Has it been worth it? What have the teachers here over the years given their lives for?” The quick answer is yes, it has been worth it and your children (and some of you) are what we have given our lives for. It has been a privilege, a major responsibility, and – at times – a heartache to pour our lives into the lives of your children.

Why has it been worth it? Well, we could ask James, Ryan, Candy, Brooke, Natalie, Paul, Nicole, Anna, and a host of others who have graduated from DCS and have come back to teach here. Or we could ask the many alumni who are now sending their children here. Or we could just ask you: Is it worth it to send your children to a school that pours into their lives day after day? I would think the vast majority of you would say yes.

So, why do we do it? Well, it is not for the money, that is for sure. But we give our lives because of the One who came to earth some 2000 years ago and gave His life for us. We love your children because He first loved us. We also are fallen humans who need His love and wisdom as we act as His tools of grace.

So here is one request and one question. Please pray for us! We greatly need your prayer support. Your prayers are what get us through many of the days. Knowing you are praying for us is the grace that keeps us going.

And here’s the question for you to ponder – the same question that Aaron and Stacy asked at the end of their letter – What are you giving your life for?