A Thankful People

A Thankful People

As I have walked the halls and classrooms of DC these past few weeks, I have taken note of the Thanksgiving art projects that line the walls and I have talked to the students about thankfulness. They have told me unashamedly what they are thankful for, and it has been refreshing to hear their responses.

img_6009What are we thankful for?

  • For being able to attend at a Christian school
  • For God
  • For Jesus who died on the cross for us
  • For our teachers and principals
  • For our moms and our dads
  • For cookies and blueberries
  • For the Bible
  • For the janitors that clean our school
  • For friends and sports teams
  • And (from the preschool) toys and popsicles and strawberry ice cream.

We are a truly blessed people. We hope you’ll take some time during this season of Thanksgiving to not only to thank the Lord for his goodness, but also to spend time talking with your children about what it means to be thankful and to acknowledge the Creator and Sustainer God who makes this school, our lives, and our salvation possible.

Happy Thanksgiving, Dayton Christian School!