DC: Where People Make All The Difference

DC: Where People Make All The Difference

If you could have any job at DCS for a day (or even permanently), you’d want to have mine. As the communications manager, I have the best job in the school! (Shh! I try to keep that a secret so I can hang on to this gig for a while…) Most people see me walking the halls with a camera around my neck, but I do much more than take photographs. Basically, I am – in journalistic terms – the beat reporter for Dayton Christian School. And that’s a pretty amazing assignment.

I cover the stories, large and small, that celebrate our achievements and demonstrate who we are as a community. I get to tell you and the Dayton area what is great about our school. And there is a lot of exciting stuff going on around here!

ke3_0125I get to visit chapel services where I see students with their hands raised to praise our Lord. I’ve seen a sweet-faced kindergartener present a teacher with a shiny red apple. And I have watched mesmerized as one of our seniors washed her parents’ feet on stage at the 2016 Commencement.

I am there to cover the stories that make our hearts soar, like when a group of our middle school students took part in a 5K race to show support for a classmate who had lost her mother. Or when, for example (as in my latest post on Facebook), a student achieves something amazing like coming up with a possibly life-saving invention that helps parents remember they have a baby in the car so they don’t forget them and run hurriedly off to work.

I am also there when our hearts are broken. When Mr. Kurtz’s son Vinny (’11) died in a bicycle accident this fall, I watched as the entire DCS community rallied behind the family, lifting them up in prayer, raising funds, and sending encouragement and love in gifts and cards and baked goods.

I see the faculty and staff pour out their time, and treasure, and hearts for these students every day in a million different ways. They challenge our students to walk out their own walk of faith by personal example. We call them our “living curriculum” for a reason.

Through all of this, do you know what I have found? The best thing about DC is people. We are not perfect, but we have some amazing people in our midst. From the students to the parents to the staff, DC is the place that it is because of its people who walk its halls.