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DC: Where People Make All The Difference

If you could have any job at DCS for a day (or even permanently), you’d want to have mine. As the communications manager, I have the best job in the school! (Shh! I try to keep that a secret so I can hang on to this gig for a while…) Most people see me walking […]

Take a Step Back, Mama Bear: Allowing Our Children to Endure Hardships

We do it hundreds of times a day without even knowing it. We do it at the store, we do it when we are watching TV, we do it when we talk to family and friends, and we even do it at church. We tend to look at situations and people through our own particular […]

Heroes of the Cross Country Buckeye Championship

Several members of the cross country teams made tremendous showings at the Metro Buckeye Conference championship on Friday evening. Eighth grader Nathaniel Geiss came in fourth overall in the middle school race with a time personal best time of 12:01 for the two-mile race. This is only Geiss’s second year on the team, but he […]

Grace Watkins: Tribute to Tenacity

When senior Grace Watkins hangs up her cleats after Friday night’s MBC championship, she will become the first female cross country runner in DC history to letter all four years in the sport.* And while our culture most often celebrates great victories or outstanding statistics in athletics, Watkins story boasts no trophies or first place […]

Bailey Places Second in National Youth Engineering Challenge

Freshman Blake Bailey placed second in the category of aerospace in the National Youth Engineering Challenge at Purdue University on September 25-27. The NYEC is a premier event that allows talented youth from around the country to assemble together to showcase their knowledge and skills in a variety of individual and team-based engineering contests and […]

Wayfinding: Preparing Your Student for College

Katie Reynolds, DCHS Director of Guidance, spoke with WDTN Channel 2 News last week about how to prepare your high school student for college. Here are her helpful tips!  

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