Wayfinding: The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same. Praise the Lord!

Wayfinding: The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same. Praise the Lord!

I love to hear the stories of teachers and families as they relate God’s direction in their lives and the doors that the Lord has opened to bring them to this school. My own story is not unique, but it is filled with the faithfulness of God to my family.

It was the summer of 1988 when I arrived in Dayton, Ohio to begin my story at Dayton Christian School. I arrived with my beautiful wife, Cathy, an eighth grade son, a fourth grade son, a second grade daughter, and a baby boy still in diapers. Twenty-nine years later, I am an alumni parent (four times over) and the proud grandfather of two Dayton Christian Elementary School students.

My first office at DC was located on Homewood Avenue just north of the city of Dayton. Bud Schindler was the superintendent and Lee Reno was the high school principal. The signage on my office door read “Assistant High School Principal,” and I was kindly embraced by a wonderful faculty, including Dean Whiteford, Paul Pyle, Alan Stock, Dan Bragg, Gary Farmer, Tom Minor, John Mohler, and Terry Chamberlain. These men became my colleagues, my friends, and my brothers.

dr-dOver the years I have served as DCS High School Principal, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Academic Dean, and Superintendent. I have had the honor of teaching in both the Bible department and the math department. In the last three decades I have served under five different heads of school (Bud Schindler, Roy Lowrie, Lee Reno, Bob Elliott, and Rich Anglin). I have had the opportunity to see the school grow into a three-high-school system (including Troy Christian, Xenia Christian and Dayton Christian) and then provide support for the system to divide into three vibrant, independent Christian schools. I have seen changes in faculty members, administrators, board members, students, and programs. We have changed our mascot from Crusaders to Warriors. We have changed locations from multiple campuses around the area to our current facility in Miamisburg.

Indeed, there have been many changes over the years, but I have been most impressed with the elements that have not changed: the school’s commitment to a Christ-centered education, the desire to develop policy and practice based on the word of God, the mission of discipling students to walk with Jesus as we educate for eternity, and the mindset of partnering with responsible Christian families and their churches in helping young people become all that God wants them to be. My hope and prayer for our school is that we will maintain a God-honoring philosophy in a society that struggles with morality and meaning; that we will stand for righteousness in a world that challenges the universal truth of God’s word; and that we will be the hands and feet of Jesus as we strive to change our world in Jesus’ name.