Beautiful Stories Are The Ones That Keep Repeating Themselves

Beautiful Stories Are The Ones That Keep Repeating Themselves

Mr. Bostater hosted Pastor Benson Nganga and his wife Florence as they spoke to many of our junior high and high school Bible classes yesterday about their work in the FIWAGOH Orphanage in Kenya. Pastor Nganga was an orphan himself until a Christian man took him in off the streets, led him to the Lord, and changed his life.

“I decided to I wanted to make a difference in just one life too,” said Nganga. “My wife and I started by taking in one three-year-old little girl. After one year, we had twelve kids. After two, we had 110.”

Now the Ngangas are mom and dad to about 260 children who have either been abandoned or orphaned, many of whom have been abused, all of whom were hungry. (By the way, here’s an interesting fact: the population of Kenya is 45 million people, 3 million of whom are orphans. That means seven out of every hundred Kenyans is an orphan.)

img_4908Mr. Bostater has had a relationship with the Bensons ever since he went on his first missionary trip to Kenya five years ago. At that time, he worked with others to build a playground for the orphanage, and God soon put a burden on his heart to serve these children.

“You can’t imagine what it’s like to see these children, knowing that this little four-year-old in front of you has been dumpster driving and eating trash just to survive before she arrived at FIWAGOH.”

Bostater has made several summer trips to Kenya in the meantime and worked to raise funds for the needs of these children. However, Bostater has an even bigger plan for FIWAGO Orphanage – he is planning a missions trip for DCS students to Kenya to take place this summer.

“I am excited to bring my home – Dayton Christian – to the home of these children so that we can minister to them,” said Bostater. “Our desire is to meet their physical needs first and then come alongside and meet their needs emotionally and spiritually.”*

What is amazing about this story is that God keeps calling people to step forward and make a difference – and those who are impacted keep repeating the cycle. The man who changed Benson’s life has impacted hundreds more. Orphans who were once served at the orphanage have returned there to serve others. Now, through Mr. Bostater, Dayton Christian School has become a part of this story. I wonder… What will the chapter that we write say?

*Details concerning the trip will be forthcoming.