Wayfinding and Obedience: What is Good and What is Best

Wayfinding and Obedience: What is Good and What is Best

I love the way they run to me! It really makes my day when I am walking down the hallway at school and my grandkids see me and run to me and jump up in my arms. I have had to kneel down to their level now since there are three of them and they are growing so quickly, but they come up to me and hug me and are excited to see me.

The other day they were in line going down the hallway and saw me and I saw the debate going on in inside their minds, “Should I run up to Papa and hug him, or should I stay in line like my teacher wants me to?”

Well, they stayed in line and I commended them for being obedient. They said later they wanted to run to me, but they knew they shouldn’t.

It made me think that obedience many times is not a choice between something bad and something good, but sometimes between what is good and what is the best thing to do. Obedience in the Christian life is a choice of moving in the right direction, a direction that is laid out by Christ for us. Much of our lives are made up of little choices that we make every day, choices to do what the Lord wants us to do or doing what we want to do.

I guess it boils down to who is on the throne of our lives, Christ or ourselves. So often we tend to put ourselves on that throne. The choices we make seem to revolve around what is best for us, not so much others. Christ makes it very clear that if we love Him, we will obey Him. We will seek His will, not ours. We serve a gracious and loving Father who knows what is best for us and by obeying Him we are becoming more and more conformed to His image and not the world’s. That is a great reason to obey Him.

The enemy of the best is not always the worst, but many times it is the good. Encourage your children to be obedient and make the best choices that will honor the Lord in all they do and say.