Wayfinding: The DCS Blog

Wayfinding: The DCS Blog

Not long ago I was discussing job descriptions with a friend. I was interested to learn that part of her job responsibilities included “wayfinding.” Yes. It’s an actual thing. Wayfinding is the the process of using signage, kiosks, maps and other information systems to guide people through a physical environment.

Here’s an easy example: Think of the first event you attended in the DCS Cafetorium. First you thought, “What is a cafetorium?” (Don’t worry. We all do that the first time.) Then you began a journey, probably from the C1 lobby, all the way through the labyrinth of hallways that is DCS, in order to find the correct room. You found signs directing you to the event. Maybe you followed the crowd. Hopefully, there were helpful young people standing at each hallway turn guiding your way. You found the room labeled “Cafetorium,” and arrived at your destination. The signage and the people and the map led you there. This is wayfinding in the physical realm.
However, wayfinding could also describe what happens in the spiritual realm as we struggle with our deep need to be in relationship with the Creator God. Consider the spiritual implications of the following questions you ask when you’re trying to find your way to an unfamiliar location: Where am I now? How do I get to where I need to go? How do I make sure I am on the right track? How do I know I’ve arrived where I am supposed to be?

Spiritually, all of these allude back to our fallen state, our need to find the way back to God, and a desire for guidance as we seek that path. While some of us may still be seeking the Savior, others are traveling along, working out their faith, trying to grow and become more and more Christ-like. We are all at some step in the process of spiritual wayfinding.

And that, ultimately, is the purpose of Dayton Christian School. Although we may do it imperfectly at times because we are all fallen people, the deepest desire of the DCS administration, faculty, and staff is to ensure that every student who walks in this building is instructed in spiritual wayfinding.

We want each of our students to orient themselves and understand where they stand spiritually before God. We want them to realize that in order to be on the right path, they need a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We point them to the map – God’s Word.

Our faculty, staff, and coaches walk alongside them to make sure they’re on the right track. And we constantly point to the destination: Knowing Christ and being found in Him.

As we begin the 54th year of educating for eternity at Dayton Christian School, let us remember our heritage and our highest calling: Wayfinding