The Senior Retreat: Fun and Inspiration

The Senior Retreat: Fun and Inspiration

Every year, the senior class sets aside the first Friday of the school year to have a time of consecration, inspiration, and, of course, lots of fun. The purpose, according to senior class advisor Greg Kurtz, is to build community and set a vision for the culture of the senior class.

This morning, the seniors started the day by donning t-shirts donated by the Christian colleges that are most popular with previous classes. (This year, Liberty University, Cedarville University, Mount Vernon Nazarene University, Indiana Wesleyan University and Asbury University were represented.)

The seniors next strolled through the alumni hallways where photographs of former senior classes hang on the walls. These photos – 5,000 strong – of alumni is intended to remind students that they are a part of the DCS community. These former students are the “cloud of witnesses” who have gone before them. It is a first step in passing the torch.

The seniors filed outside to the rock pile in the center of the parking lot where they added their stones to the growing pile already there, a depiction of their place in the DCS story and their responsibility to continue the tradition of maintaining a selfless, Christ-centered attitude.

After a break for the “Senior Olympic Games” – which included the Wheelbarrow 100 meter dash and the Marshmallow Marksmanship competition just to name a few – the students entered the auditorium for a time of vision casting.

Greg Kurtz expounded on the senior class culture: Delta Chi Sigma.

“Chi stands for Christ; He is at the center,” said Kurtz. “Delta, like in any mathematical formula, signals a change. If Christ is at the center of your life, then there will be a change. Sigma is the sum total.”

“In other words, if Christ is at the center, there will be a change and it will result in you being a whole different kind of person who reaches down to those who are weaker, smaller, not as strong or smart – and you Delta Chi Sigma them,” explained Kurtz.

Bible teacher Paul Pyle spent time with the seniors in a goal-setting session. He asked the students to think about who they most admire and why. Then he asked them to take it a step further. “How are you going to be a person who is worthy of being admired?”

After a break for lunch (yes, the seniors enjoyed the perennial favorite lunch of DCS students – Chick-Fil-A), the students had a time of consecration with Dr. Rough, DCS Superintendent and DCS High School Principal.

Finally, before the annual fish jousting grand finale, Kurtz encouraged the seniors to be impactful this year with the session entitled “Seven Ways to Change Your World This Year.”

“God never asks you to change the world,” said Kurtz. “He only asks you to change your world.”

Congratulations, class of 2017, for making it to your senior year. We are excited to see how God will work in your lives this year!