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Wayfinding and Obedience: What is Good and What is Best

I love the way they run to me! It really makes my day when I am walking down the hallway at school and my grandkids see me and run to me and jump up in my arms. I have had to kneel down to their level now since there are three of them and they are […]

The Senior Retreat: Fun and Inspiration

Every year, the senior class sets aside the first Friday of the school year to have a time of consecration, inspiration, and, of course, lots of fun. The purpose, according to senior class advisor Greg Kurtz, is to build community and set a vision for the culture of the senior class. This morning, the seniors […]

Wayfinding: The DCS Blog

Not long ago I was discussing job descriptions with a friend. I was interested to learn that part of her job responsibilities included “wayfinding.” Yes. It’s an actual thing. Wayfinding is the the process of using signage, kiosks, maps and other information systems to guide people through a physical environment. Here’s an easy example: Think […]

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